Initially, KP Industries and KP Enterprise was small scale business, with a vision to be the best. It was our goal to provide our customers with authentic and high-quality spices. We began our business at a time when the market was saturated with adulterated spices flavored with artificial colors. The kind of products we started to manufacture were genuine, reliable, and backed with fine research and testings, and soon people realized the credibility of our products. We started with bulk packings meant for B2B segment and today we are one of the most sought-after quality spices and food products manufacturers based in Gujarat.

It all began with Sherbanu and Nooruddin Panjwani, who, over 60 years ago, set out to share the love for their homemade spices and pickles, one door at a time. Their legacy found its true expression through the dedication of their sons - Kishor, Rajesh, and Kamlesh - and their venture, 'Mausam.' Amidst a market tainted with impurities, they stood as beacons of purity, hand-picking ingredients and upholding unwavering quality standards.

Our customer base extends across the entire country. To better serve our customers, we are now offering a wide range of products online. You can count on us for a quality product that is consistent and reliable. We are partnering with the leading service providers for hassle-free, on-time doorstep delivery.

Mausam has its own sourcing channels for procuring raw materials directly from farmers. Different machines at our plant help us manufacture tons of quality products everyday. We have our own state of the art cold storage facility to store the spices in house and keep their aroma and taste natural and intact. We work hard to get and procure the finest quality spices and condiments for our customers.

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We have a foray of brands which serves customers with various tastes be it hot, medium, mild etc. We have our own research and testing lab in order to keep the quality consistent. We make our brands (Mausam, Tez Ghoda, and Lal Zanda) available on different marketplaces such as Amazon, so that our customers can get the product at the right time without any hassle.

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